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Other Games to Check Out

I'll list a few erotic games here that have influenced my creations or that I've otherwise enjoyed. Check them out!

Liz of the Tower

I'm unaware of any way to actually buy an English version of this game. If one exists, please let me know.

Liz of the Tower, also sometimes called Liz of the Tower Town, is part of a series of games by Clymentia. I've played a few of those games, but I think this one is by far the best. It's just a high-quality, slow-burn corruption game with great art.

Melty's Quest

Melty's Quest is in the same genre as Liz of the Tower but much faster paced in just about every way. I think some of the kinks features are...well there's more here I found objectionable than in Liz of the Tower, but that didn't even come close to hampering my enjoyment. Overall, Liz takes a lot more time investment to get to the fun parts.

Lust Doll

Probably one of the best systems-based, open-ended-ish adult games ever made, if not the best. If you don't like RPG Maker adult games, I think this is the one to change your mind.

Lilith's Throne

Lillith's Throne had probably the most obvious influence on my game. I based the concept of the turn-based sexual encounters in Succubus Stories off of the ones in this game, but I wanted to amp up the randomized elements and diversity of each act instead of featuring as many options. Whether that was wise remains to be seen, but Lilith's Throne is basically the adult text-based game to beat in my book.

The Poor Whore

A short, free game with no actual art assets using RPG Maker. Just a well-written, well put together game that really left an impression on me.