Succubus Stories Play Test 1

Hello! Thanks so much for helping me test this game.

You can find a link to the game and a link to a Google form below. I request that you complete the Google form, but you may contact me directly with your thoughts and comments as well, via whatever method we have been communicating through.

The game may take a bit of time to load and images and audio may stutter on first load. If you find the images and audio taking time to load in distracting, you can force them to preload from the settings menu and then reload the game. Doing so will dramatically increase the initial load time by however long it takes your Internet to download about 50MB, but after that it should perform much more smoothly.

The game is mostly mobile friendly but I still strongly recommend a full-sized screen.

Game (You need a password!)

Feedback Form

Testing Goals

My primary goal is how the progression systems feel. Are they too fast or too slow? Are new perk unlocks bunched together too closely or are they too infrequent? Since unlocking things is a big thing in this gamealmost the only thing other than the story, I want to make sure it feels good and feels like it's paced correctly.

All other feedback is welcome, but may be of lower priority.

Game Guide

The protagonist's goal in this part of the game is to get enough money to buy a cauldron so she can start brewing potions. She can earn money through events (exploring and hanging out) and via prostitution. The game has tutorials, but here's a few important things: