Succubus Stories Modding Guide

Succubus Stories supports mods as of v0.10.0 (released in August, 2021). Mods are only possible in the patron edition of the game, and require the Windows executable, you cannot mod the web version. Mod support will eventually come to the free edition of the game, but there's no ETA on that yet.

Important Note:

The tools to create mods are not available to users yet. These will be coming soon.

Installing Mods

This guide will cover how to install mod files for use with Succubus Stories. Mod files usually have the extension .sbc. You can place mod files anywhere on your computer, but for performance reasons, it's recommended you place the file on the same drive as the game's executable.

Main Menu

Start up the game as normal, and on the main menu, click "Manage Mods" to open the mod list interface. Click the + Add a mod file. button. A file explorer interface should come up. It may take a second or two, you do not need to click more than once. Using the file explorer, navigate to a mod file on your computer and select it.

Mod list interface.

Choose a mod file in the file explorer.

The mod's file name should now appear in the mod list. Once you have installed all the mods you want, click the Save changes and restart. button. The game will restart and return you to the main menu.

Mod list now populated.

You can now play the game as normal, and the modded content should appear as appropriate.

Notes and Tips

Creating Mods

This section will be updated in the future after mod tools are released to patrons.