Game Manual

This is a basic manual and guide for the erotic adventure game, Succubus Stories. This guide, as with the game, features graphic adult language and themes, and is intended only for adults over the age of 18.

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Getting Started

Succubus Stories can be played online in any modern web browser (Internet Explorer 9+) with almost any device, or downloaded and run as an executable on Windows. In general, the executable version has far better performance. The executable version of the game are planned to support mods and custom art packs sometime in the future. Saved data must be manually transferred between devices and versions using the Save to disk feature.

Which Version Should I Play

If you want to play on mobile or an unsupported OS (e.g., Mac or Linux), your only option is to play the browser version. The executable version of the game has markedly better performance than the web version, and is recommended for other users.

If you need to know whether you're on a 32- or 64-bit Windows system, check these guides:


The game can be played with mouse or touchscreen alone, but also feature a suite of keyboard controls for users that prefer them. Press and hold the Shift key at any time to see which buttons on the screen are mapped to which hotkeys.


In Succubus Stories you play as a peasant girl turned succubus, plotting her revenge against the powerful person who ruined her life and stole her family's land. She needs to consume a certain bodily fluid to survive, and has to manage her ravenous lust as she gets closer to her goals.

The game has a central narrative, but the primary goal of the game is to give players a lot to do and a lot to work toward with an open-ended structure where players can progress at their own pace. Players will need to manage their reputation, skills, and money through prostitution, sex, diplomacy, alchemy, and business.

Locations and Activities

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Most of the game will be spent visiting various in-game locations and performing activities. While some activities can be performed for free, most cost time. At different times, different activities may become available or unavailable in various locations.

In most locations, there is an option you can use (Hang out, Explore, Chit chat, etc) to experience various repeatable random events.

As time goes on, the main character becomes hornier and more hungry, and these needs must be sated or the character will be too distracted to perform well in activities.


At her home, the player character can rest to pass time, bathe to stay clean, and masturbate to sate her lust (and gain a small amount of fetish points). After a certain point in the game, she will also acquire a cauldron that lets the her perform alchemy withher leftovers, we'll say.


The backstreets can be a bit dangerous, but since there aren't many guards, it's also a great place for prostitution.


A lot of interesting folks hang out in the tavern. It's also a safer, if less profitable, place to work than the streets.


The forest outside town is a great place to collect herbs and other alchemy ingredients. Watch out for bandits and witches, though


Some ingredients can be purchased instead of painstakingly collected. In addition, the player character can sell potions to make a decent income, if she can get her hands on a vendor's license.

And More

There are several other locations, including many that can be found or unlocked as you play, all with unique activities, characters, and events.

Basic Needs

The player character has a few basic needs that the player must manage.


The player character needs to pay her rent every week. The number of days she has until the rent is due is shown in the status barit will start flashing when there are only a couple days left. Rent costs 30G, and the player character will go and pay it automatically. If she doesn't have enough money, she'll go into debt. You won't be able to spend any money until the player character has enough money to cover her debt. Remaining in debt for long periods of time or being in an excessive amount of debt can get her in trouble.


The player character needs to urinate every so often. At first this can only be done at home, but with certain perks (or during certain events) the player can urinate in other places. Failure to urinate may cause the player to piss themselves. If this happens in public, they could get in trouble.


The player character needs to have sex or masturbate frequently, or her lust will go to her head. Having high lust causes the player character to perform much more poorly in various tasks, including her social skills. The player character simply needs to have an orgasm to calm down. Failure to manage her lust may cause the player to drop and start masturbating no matter where she is. If this happens in public, she could get in trouble.


The player character must eat semen to survive. The player character can get semen from a Preserved Semen potion, a sexual encounter, and many different events. With the appropriate perks, the player character can even eat semen from off her own body. Being hungry causes the player character to perform more poorly in various tasks, including her social skills, and also causes her lust to increase more rapidly. Failure to sate her hunger could cause the player character to pass out, putting her in danger of being robbed.


The player character gets sweaty, and eventually covered with more and more semen as she has sex. Being covered in semen may cause characters to refuse to talk to her or to treat her differently, and guards may prevent her from going to certain places. You can use certain potions to change the player character's level of filth. She can also bathe at home to clean herself up.


Not exactly a basic need, but the player character can leave the house nude after acquiring a certain perk. Doing so is much like walking around covered in semen, and causes characters to treat her differently, causes guards to hassle her, and could ultimately get her in trouble.


The player character will be having a lot of sex to sate her hunger and lust, and to maintain a steady supply of ingredients for alchemy. You can initiate sexual encounters with a variety of characters throughout the game in several different kinds of encounters.

During encounters, there are two bars, once representing the player character's pleasure and the other representing her partner's pleasure. At some point during the encounter, after an orgasm, the partner will become too tired to continue. If the player's pleasure is high when this happens, she'll have high lust after the encounter, so she should try to use different actions to prevent that from happening.

Different actions cause different amounts of pleasure to build up. The player can learn new actions by earning new perks, and increase the pleasure potential of her actions, and the energy of her partners, by unlocking various traits.


The player character's performance during sexual encounters is ranked based on a variety of factors:

There are other factors too: partners who are just not that horny at the moment tend to be harder to please, and when the player character is too horny, that also makes getting a high rank more challenging as her pleasure bar fills extremely quickly. Some other factors, like the traits and perks, are also considered in the final calculation.

Performance is ranked on the following scale, from best to worst: S, A+, A, B, C, D, F. Performing especially poorly or especially well may have consequences in some encounters. During prostitution, performance is directly tied to the payment received.

Other Sex Scenes

Some events and actions may lead to their own sex scenes that take place outside of the normal encounter system. These are typically referred to as "events" and many are repeatable. These events typically offer a lot of experience or fetish points in very specific categories compared to encounters (which tend to offer less points but in a larger number of categories), and are usually much quicker to complete. If you want to unlock a specific perk or level up a specific fetish, hunting for events may give you a greater return on investment!

Problem Solving

When you come up against a problem, there will usually be several different approaches to solving it. Talk to characters and visit different locations to find more options if you feel stuck, or try to progress your character some: a few more points in your social skills or a new potion recipe may be the answer.

Social Skills

The player character can use charm, cunning, or seduction to try get what she wants. If she fails, she usually can't try again, and failing some checks, like failing to seduce a guard, could get you in trouble or have other dramatic effects. Successfully using social skills is usually the fastest and cheapest option when available, however.


Some characters can be persuaded by sex if the player character has the right perks to perform certain actions or enact certain fetishes. For example, sex in public may persuade a given character, but you'll need the No Shame perk to be able to give them what they want. Performance may also be a factor; if the player character doesn't perform adequately and satisfy her partner, she may not get another chance.


Some potions, like love potions and suggestion potions, are made to be used on other characters to get what you want. Magnetism potions, appeal potions, and clever potions can be used to reinforce your social skills to improve your chances of success on that front. Heat liquor and calming balm can be used to manipulate the lust levels of some characters as well (including yourself), which may help you reach your goals.


Sometimes money will just solve the problem, but usually only in exorbitant amounts. You can make money by selling potions in the marketplace or via prostitution. Some other opportunities may also present themselves occasionally. Make sure to save 100G for rent!

Friends and Allies

Based on your decisions, you may make powerful or useful friends that can help you overcome or even flat-out avoid some challenges. You may want to try visiting a friend and seeing if they have any advice or can offer any help if you're having trouble with something.


You can try approaching a problem in a literal different way if you want as well. Sometimes showing up nude, filthy, or even horny can cause different outcomes and lead to new opportunities.

Dead Ends

There should be no true dead ends in the game's main story, but being unprepared can cost you a great deal, and often far more than just money.


As the player progresses in the game, the player character will earn new perks, recipes, and traits, as well as improve her social skills.


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As the player character has encounters, her experience with different types of sex and her fondness for various fetishes will increase, granting her new perks. New perks often grant new actions and new possibilities in and out of sexual encounters. For example, a character with the Nudist perk can start going outside naked, which can in turn cause other new events and scenes. A character with the Filthy Mind perk will unlock an action that allows them to talk dirty to their partners during encounters.

Perks: Fetish Points

You can see your character's affinity for various fetishes and kinks in the Character menu. Fetish points are easiest to gain from events. Some sources of fetish points, like masturbating at home, are capped and cannot help you raise your character's affinity for that fetish after a certain point.

Perks: Experience Points

You can see your character's level of experience with various sex acts in the Character menu. Experience is easiest to gain from encounters.


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As the player character performs alchemy and makes potions, she'll become more experienced and unlock new recipes, allowing her to make new potions. Potions can have a variety of powerful effects, and can be sold for a lot of money, so making potions can be extremely lucrative and help you overcome a variety of challenges.


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Trait points are earned for most actions, from making potions to having sex to using skills. When the player character earns a certain number of trait points, she'll be able to purchase a new trait. Each trait costs more and more points as you buy them, so it's often wise to focus on the ones you most want first. Traits have powerful passive effects like increasing the pleasure the player character gives partners with various sex acts, increasing how many times, on average, a partner can orgasm before being unable to continue, increasing how much sexual fluid partners can generate, how quickly and player character becomes hungry, and more.

Social Skills

Throughout the game, the player character will be given opportunities to attempt to solve problems using her social skills: charm, cunning, and seduction. If she fails, she won't be able to try again, but whether she fails or succeeds, her social skills increase slowly over time from use.


As the player character performs actions she will gain a reputation, both for her actions and behavior, but also for sex. Reputation has an impact on how various characters and groups see you, and can open some doors and close others throughout your playthrough.

Reputation: Depravity

Depravity increases when the player character does things that are degrading or gross. Some characters will avoid you, look down on you, or otherwise find you repulsive if you have a reputation for being depraved.

Increasing Depravity
Decreasing Depravity

Reputation: Skill

Performing well in sex scenes and generally having a lot of sex will improve the player character's reputation for being a skilled lover. Characters may seek out the player character specifically and even go to great lengths to get a shot with her.

Increasing Skill
Decreasing Skill

Reputation: Notoriety

When the player character breaks the law or is caught naked or performing indecent acts in public, her notoriety will increase. If her notoriety increases too much, she'll eventually be arrested.

Increasing Notoriety
Decreasing Notoriety


The game features a number of configuration options. Click the settings button in the sidebar or press Z to open the settings menu.


Cheats are only available in the patron version of the game. Turn the Enable Cheats setting on in the Settings menu, as outlined above, to use cheats. Turning on cheats adds a new option to the player character's home that allows them to increase various stats. Some other menus and game areas will also have new options available.

You can also press the `~ key on the keyboard (to the left of the number row, under Esc on QWERTY keyboards) to bring up the in-game terminal (this may not work during encounters and in certain other places in the game). Type -help into the terminal for help on how to use it. The terminal is mostly for accessing information, but it can also be used to render new passage contenthowever doing so has a very high chance of making the game unstable and glitchy.

Cheats in general can cause issues while playing. You can still report bugs, but be sure to mention if you encountered said bugs after cheating, and which cheats were used. It's recommended that you save to a different slot after activating cheats, to avoid losing progress.